About Us


247 Security Group (Pty)Ltd is your “one-stop shop” for Security And IT Products/Services and Installations. 

Our services are effective in all types of Homes and Businesses that wish to implement top class Security Monitoring systems & IT Solutions .

247 Security Group (Pty)Ltd is capable of providing the required technologies .
Logistics, engineering , training and consulting all under one roof .
covering all the required stages: design , implementation and commissioning.
What makes our Security business different to any other you may ask?

247 Security Group (Pty)Ltd is dedicated to providing the highest quality personal service to our clients.
This would not be possible without the leadership, technical expertise, and responsiveness of our personnel.
Our diverse staff and their years of experience combined with ongoing staff training and development on the latest advances in technology ensure that 247 Security Group (Pty)Ltd remains a leader in our field of expertise. 

We specialize in All Aspects of Security And Computer IT, Electric Fencing,Bonox Fencing,Razor Wire,Palisade Fencing,Clear Vu Fencing,Door Access Controls , Biometric Hardware & Software,Alarms,Body Guarding,Perimiter Guarding Services and CCTV Systems.We Sell and install basically anything in Security and Computer IT.
Our goal is to provide planning, design, and implementation of a system that meets your total protection needs.

We feel that the success of our company is in our philosophy .
That our customers are our number one asset.
We take the time to learn about our clients’ needs so as to ensure that we can truly understand and identify with their concerns and requirements .
This ethos is shared by our Security Consultants who are committed to ensuring the ongoing satisfaction of our clients’ needs.
As we constantly strive to deliver the performance and value for money that has become synonymous with our name. 

Our dedication to quality customer service has brought us to you as we endeavour to provide the highest quality professional service and protection to all our customers at all times.

MISSION STATEMENT - The safety of our customers and the security of their physical assets form the base mission of 247 Security Group (Pty)Ltd. Our primary function is to provide protection and prevention to the highest degree..


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