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247 Security Group understand the frustrations experienced by our clients with the current instability of the national grid and the frequent load shedding which is set to become a daily reality in South Africa. This page outlines some of our standard Battery Backup Solutions which will ensure that you are protected from the consequences of ongoing power outages and provide you with backup power when you need it.

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What are the effects of power outages on your small business or home office?

  • Lost productivity.
  • Loss of income.
  • Have to close your business’s doors due to the inability to operate and security risks.
  • Damage to sensitive electronic equipment due to power surges when the power failure ends.
  • No electricity puts your safety and security at risk.
  • Electric gates and garage doors do not work.
  • Alarm and electric fences switch off.
  • No internet or Wi-Fi.


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Energy Storage
– How long backup time will you have?

  • The amount of backup energy storage available is determined by the size of the battery bank.
  • Running time is dependent on the load, in other words, how many appliances you have on at the same time, and how much energy each appliance use.
  • The running time is calculated on 1 x 3.5kWh Lithium battery, discharged from 100% to 20%.
  • An additional 3.5kWh battery can be added to increase back-up time.

Examples of estimated running times vs loads, for one 3.5 kWh battery:

  • 2000W = 1.4-Hours
  • 1000W = 2.9-Hours
  • 800W = 3.6-Hours
  • 600W = 4.8-Hours
  • 400W = 7.1-Hours
  • 200W = 14.3-Hours