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247 Security LED Lights


High powered security lighting can add a lot to your monthly power bill.

You now have an option to change from Halogen and other types of security lighting to LED Lighting.

LED Flood lights can save you more than 50% in your security lighting costs.

In addition LED Flood Lights last up to 20 times longer saving you the annoyance of having to change bulbs and fittings on a regular basis.


Led Lights


Top 10 reasons to install outdoor floodlights:
  1. For practical reasons – no one wants to be having a braai with a torch in hand or fumble around in the dark to find their keys.
  2. Security – as mentioned criminals tend to avoid well lit areas. It will make it easier for you to spot criminals before you enter your driveway as well as help you spot them from inside your home.
  3. Safety – lighting up your swimming pool area, Jacuzzis and children’s play area can help you keep an eye on your little ones while they play outside
  4. Flood lights will help your security company patrollers spot intruders – especially while you’re away on holiday.
  5. A LED floodlight with a motion senor will help detect intruders and alert you to strange activity in the vicinity of your home.
  6. LED floodlights consume less energy than halogen, incandescent or metal halide lights.
  7. LED floodlights offer more lumens per watt – so your get more light with less energy consumption.
  8. LED floodlights make it harder for criminals on the prowl to see inside your home at night. An important security tip is to always important to draw your curtains to prevent criminals from finding out how many people are home and where everyone is.
  9. LED floodlights are relatively inexpensive depending on the type you require and are also very durable and can last for many years. As with anything that is exposed to the elements – it will corrode over time. Most floodlights are waterproof and are either
  10. 247 Security can easily install an LED floodlight for you