247 Security Half Height Turnstiles

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247 Security Half Height Turnstiles


Made to withstand harsh conditions, 247 Security Group half height industrial turnstiles can be used both indoors and outdoors. They provide a medium level of security, making these turnstiles the ideal solution for universities, stadiums and certain areas within factories, mines and warehouses.

Like its full height counterparts, our half height turnstiles can handle large volumes of traffic on a daily basis. The lower height does make identification of individuals entering and leaving an area easier in the absence of additional security measures, such as access readers and the like.

Let our Triton half height industrial turnstile secure your premises.

Turnstile Half Height


Key Points

– Provides a low visual barrier together with security
– Available in single and double configuration
– 3 arm (120°) and 4 arm (90°)
– Interior and exterior installations
– 10 year guarantee